Month: September 2013

Four Reasons Why MOMO Works for Children in Care Too

When we started making MOMO we thought we were just building an app for care leavers. That’s not been the case though. Early on we realised that we had to design something that also worked for 14+ year olds who were coming up to leaving care. Otherwise they wouldn’t be able to use it to… Read more »

The Care Leavers Charter Film

The Care Leavers Charter was launched on Oct 31st 2012. For over a year Scott King’s beautiful film, Conscience has accompanied the Charter on its journey to improving the lives of care leavers. Now Conscience has a campaign companion in the form of this powerful film about the life of being a care leaver made by… Read more »

Bexley IROs to Pilot MOMO

The most important person at a care plan review or pathway planning meeting should always be the young person (even if they don’t attend). After them, the most important person is probably the Independent Reviewing Officer (or IRO). Their job is to make sure the planning process is done well, and that the young person’s wishes… Read more »

Feelings Come First in MOMO

MOMO helps young people express their views, plan meetings, request changes and make complaints. It helps them do all of this without having to go anywhere or meet with anyone (it can also help them do it while with their advocate, social worker or friend) Why Feelings Come First But for some young people, before they… Read more »