Month: January 2014

“It’s like having a mind of my own”

Young people and advocates in Bexley have been using MOMO for nearly six months now. Here’s some of their feedback. Do you have any feedback on using MOMO? Let us know below!

How Biscuits, Boards and Shovels Make MOMO Work

‘It’s like having a mind of my own’; ‘It’s revolutionary!’ Two comments that came up when we asked young people and advocates in Bexley to describe MOMO. But what is MOMO to us, the team behind the app? Well, for me, it’s exactly that, a team. A group of people working to a common goal,… Read more »

“You Failed”

They’re disengaged. Hard to reach. Difficult to manage.  How many times on case notes does the term ‘disengaged from the service’ crop up? How many times will services aim to ‘prevent disengagement’? The answer is very often. However, how many times will disengaging be seen as a natural consequence of trying to use a service… Read more »