Month: September 2014

The Social Worker’s Guide to Using MOMO (Free Download)

This guide explains which devices MOMO works on and how to use it with young people. It can be downloaded as a printable pdf here. MOMO’s core aim is to improve life chances for young people in care. It does this by making it easier for young people to express their views to their care team,… Read more »

An Even More Secure MOMO: Information Security News

Updated 11/09/14 Storing children and young people’s data securely requires high levels of care. MOMO has been designed in accordance with: Data Protection legislation the Information Commissioner Office’s ‘privacy by design’ principles the Information Commissioner Office’s 8 data protection principles Encrypting young people’s data on a secure server is only the start of this level of care.

MOMO Chosen As CYP Now Awards Finalist – and a Service MOMO Price Rise

Two major things happened this week. On Monday MOMO was shortlisted for a Children & Young People Now Award. Its a finalist in CYP Now Awards Advice & Guidance category. Also on Monday we increased the price of Service MOMO from £1999 to £3999. We’ve taken this decision for three reasons: Local Authorities keep telling us how… Read more »