Month: October 2014

DEA and Sparkies Awards News

Last week MOMO had its first awards evening. While we didn’t win it was pretty excellent for MOMO to be nationally recognised and a good reward for the app’s team. MOMO was up for an award for ‘Best Technical Innovation in the Public Sector’ at the Digital Entrepreneur Awards in Manchester. As you’ll see from… Read more »

Improvements During November – January: via the MOMO Roadmap  

We’d like to let you know what you can expect from MOMO over the next 3 months. If you’re an existing Service MOMO subscribers some of this will be relevant to you. If you’re likely to become a subscriber soon then all of it applies. If neither of the above apply to you then hopefully… Read more »

How MOMO Increased Engagement in LAC Reviews From 54% to 100%

Back in January David Hamilton’s social work team had a problem. They were only managing to get 54% of young people in care to take part in their 6 monthly review process. Their review consultation forms were dated and young people’s views tended to make up the latter part of review meetings. David despaired. And… Read more »