Month: November 2015

I’m a Worker. What do I do with MOMO?

We’ve been asked this question so many times and by so many keen workers that we’ve written a ‘one-sider’ on what to do. Download it to print here or read on…. Every time you make a decision about one of your young people you need to be sure you’ve considered their views. MOMO makes it… Read more »

Faster, Easier Demo App for Workers

The success of MOMO’s demo app has been quite staggering. Since launching on July 31st a total of 781 people have accessed it Thats an average of 204 per month. Most of these will have been workers trying the demo out so they can more confidently introduce it to their young people, or foster carers checking the app… Read more »

The Power of People: How a simple app transformed communication within care settings

The Health Foundation have today released a film about MOMO and its use by the South Eastern Trust for their Quality, Safety & Experience project. As David Hamilton, our Northern Ireland practice expert would say, “Happy days!” (David and MOMO appear at 1:20 – 2:05 and at 3:57. The kidney consultant and doctor are also worth watching. Check out their hilarious sign… Read more »