We’re on a mission

At MOMO we believe that young people should be able to participate fully in their care and it should be easy for them to speak up anytime they want.

Since January 2013 we’ve been making this happen by blending tech, social work and children’s rights expertise to create apps that they can use on their own 24/7, or with a worker or carer. We’re able to do this because of the unique mix of people and skills that make up Team MOMO.

MOMO’s history

2013: We make the first version of the first MOMO app with help from Harry and his team at Neontribe, and a grant from the Nominet Trust.

2014: The first children’s services join us, including Surrey, West Sussex and the South Eastern Trust in Northern Ireland. MOMO wins its first awards and the Nominet Trust believes in us enough to give MOMO another grant.

2015: MOMO takes off and by the end of the year has 24 services using its app. The team expands when Jill and Manjul join and the app’s development accelerates. We win another CYP Now award and are manage to become self-sufficient with new customer sales being reinvested into improving the app further.

2016: What a year! Another CYP Now award, the first MOMO Conference and we are touching 50 services using MOMO. We also begin building a new app called MOMO Express that will make it easier for children with a learning disability to express their views. The first app, now MOMO One, is updated every 6 weeks with loads of new features. Hunter and Natalie join and MOMO’s design gets a big makeover.

Our team

Yvonne Anderson

Director, Head of Product and Governance Lead
Yvonne has 30 years experience of working with young people on local and national programmes and 6 years of building tech products for good. She brings poise and calm to the team, manages the MOMO’s behind the scenes functions and makes sure its apps are continuously improving.

Jill Thorburn

Director, Head Trainer and Safeguarding Lead
Jill brings 25 years experience of social work management. She’s been a social worker, manager and Independent Reviewing Officer. Aswell as delivering all of MOMO’s training she leads on insight into social work practice, safeguarding and service improvement.

Harry Harrold

Product Manager and Neontribe Lead
Harry is a user-centred designer and has been working on young people’s projects since 2007. He manages the ongoing development of MOMO’s products while running Neontribe, MOMO’s development partner. His enthusiasm for technology that improves people’s lives is infectious.

Amanda Mieras

Finance Officer and Business Support Lead
Amanda has been with MOMO from day one and makes sure that the business runs smoothly. She handles a load of small important tasks that mean everyone else can focus on the bigger things.

Hunter Jones

Account Manager and Customer Success Lead
Hunter was a customer success manager with a software company until he decided he wanted to join a company with a stronger social mission. So he followed his heart and found MOMO. He brings 5 years experience of increasing customer success and helping them get the most out of apps and online software.

Natalie Ward

Sales Manager and New Business Lead
Natalie is the newest member to join MOMO, she brings with her nine years of sales experience from market leading tech companies. Her passion over the years for delivering projects that have a social conscience, outside of her day to day role, have led her to make the career shift into supporting children’s services and MOMO to deliver their mission.

Beatrice Koroma

Account Manager and Customer Success Lead
Beatrice has joined us from the London Borough of Havering, where she very successfully embedded MOMO One and Express across their services. She has great understanding of how both apps work and has witnessed the differences that MOMO has made for young people and their workers.

From our users

“The MOMO team has been incredibly supportive with the implementation of the MOMO platform; ensuring our staff can successfully achieve best possible results.

Tim Aldridge, Director, Havering Children’s Services

“Social workers have a hunger for tools that help them engage better with children, while giving children the time and space to engage at their own pace, rather than that required by the meeting or event. MOMO meets both needs.”

Anna Edmundson, Policy Manager, Childrens Rights Alliance for England

“The results have been extremely positive. Much better than I expected. I would say try it and embed it across the board“

Karen Colverson, Senior Advocate, NYAS

“It gives young people a chance to get things off their mind and be dealt with. It’s like them putting their notes in their case file“

Becky, Care Leaver

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