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Co-production workshops with children & young people

This month at team MOMO we have been running co-production workshops with young people from around the UK reviewing and co-designing one of our apps.   Mind Of My Own is all about young people participating and we are committed to their participation in building, reviewing and testing our apps, which is why we use co-production…. Read more »

Implementing MOMO: 4 tips to implement MOMO successfully in your organisation

As part of our trial in New Zealand we researched how organisations implement MOMO successfully and wanted to share our findings. Below are 4 key actions taken by the most successful organisations using MOMO. We used these 4 techniques when we trialled MOMO with 18 social workers on the other side of the world. As a result Oranga Tamariki has… Read more »

Real users, real testing – introducing MOMO Express

  Children and young people in Havering have been testing the first MOMO Express prototype. MOMO Express? MOMO Express is the new name for the (in-development) version of MOMO for children and young people with learning disabilities and replaces the working title of ‘MOTO’. This article is a glimpse into what the MOMO Express prototype is trying… Read more »

Gossip, Feedback & Factual Truths on New MOMO Features

Hi. Its Joe, MOMO’s co-founder here. I’m writing this on a train to London after meeting with a small local authority in the southwest. Next stop is a social tech Christmas celebration event run by our funders, the Nominet Trust. Travelling around the country to gather new subscribers has now become a normal part of… Read more »

The Evaluation: How We’re Measuring MOMO

Every child in care should have access to MOMO. But to make this a reality MOMO needs to show everyone its value – not only that it works well but that it transforms young people’s experience of being involved in decisions about their care. That’s what our evaluation intends to discover. Officially speaking, we aim… Read more »

How MOMO Helps Social Workers – a Story about Honour

Honour is a busy 39 year old social worker and mother of 2 children. When her service introduced MOMO her first reaction was “not another new initiative to implement”. She worried how she would find time to learn the app and then show it to young people. She also felt a little ‘technologically challenged’. However,… Read more »

“It’s like having a mind of my own”

Young people and advocates in Bexley have been using MOMO for nearly six months now. Here’s some of their feedback. Do you have any feedback on using MOMO? Let us know below!