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How social workers use MOMO: A video tutorial from Havering

It’s no secret that social workers use MOMO in Havering Children’s Services. They are one of the most successful organisations using MOMO. In fact, in the last 8 months alone they have received over 290 statements from children and young people. We spoke with Aloisia Masundire, a social worker in Havering. She tells us how… Read more »

Do you know what MOMO One and Worker Accounts can now do for you?

MOMO began as a self-advocacy app for children in care. But it’s grown and changed. Young people and workers have been using it in different ways to what we expected. This is great because it means its fitting into young people’s lives and your social work practice in ways that suit you and them best…. Read more »

A New Year and a new way for children and workers to MOMO

    We hope you had a happy New Year and are ready for 2017! There’s some exciting changes to MOMO products and the website. Things look a little different but the changes are designed to make MOMO apps easier for you to use and get help with. The original MOMO app is now ‘MOMO… Read more »

MOMO is a Gift

This article is brought to you by the MOMO community via MOMOCon 2016. …You’re about to give your social workers a gift. It’s called MOMO. It’s a gift to your young people too. But this blog isn’t about that. It’s about how you can help your social workers make the most of their gift. Why is… Read more »

How to use MOMO: a video tutorial from Wiltshire

Whether you’re an IRO, social worker or any other adult who needs to find out and record a child’s views, here’s how to do it through a co-use MOMO session 🙂 Big hat tip to Jay and thanks to Wiltshire Children’s Services MOMO leads: Netty Lee, Safeguarding & Assessment Service Manager and Janice Lightowler, Conference and Reviewing Service Manager.

New feature: ‘My worker is visiting’ scenario

If you’re a social worker or any other worker who regularly visits young people at home, school or anywhere else, and especially if you use the Signs of Safety methodology, then MOMO just got a lot more useful for you… …and for them. Because if you’re a young person then sometimes you’re not in the mood to… Read more »

MOMOCon 2016: Beyond the basic mobile

Monday, May 9th 2016, 9.30am – 4.00pm CAN Mezzanine, Old Street, 49 – 51 East Road, London N1 6AH View map ** **Lineup announced – see below** ** We all face the same challenge of how to integrate digital technology into our social work practice. The opportunities and benefits are clear: more transparency, more efficiency and more accessible… Read more »

My young person doesn’t have an email address. What should I do?

(Download this info as a one page printable pdf here) As workers learn what to do with MOMO and use of the app steadily grows we hear these words more and more: “My child is too young for a personal email address” “They have restricted use of the internet, what should I do?” MOMO is safe for children… Read more »

I’m a Worker. What do I do with MOMO?

We’ve been asked this question so many times and by so many keen workers that we’ve written a ‘one-sider’ on what to do. Download it to print here or read on…. Every time you make a decision about one of your young people you need to be sure you’ve considered their views. MOMO makes it… Read more »