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Hands on Wins

Over the last month we’ve done a lot of talking to local authorities about joining MOMO. We’ve also been helping several of those who have already joined the MOMO Community understand the best way to get young people using MOMO. All of this talking and helping has confirmed one big assumption. That whether they are… Read more »

What You Told Us On The MOMO Tour

For the last 10 days MOMO’s been on tour. In that time we’ve met with 7 local authorities and learnt a lot about what you think of MOMO. Thank you for spending time and being so ready to share your views with us. Firstly, we found out, you all like it. There’s no question about… Read more »

“You Failed”

They’re disengaged. Hard to reach. Difficult to manage.  How many times on case notes does the term ‘disengaged from the service’ crop up? How many times will services aim to ‘prevent disengagement’? The answer is very often. However, how many times will disengaging be seen as a natural consequence of trying to use a service… Read more »

Joy, Happiness and… Isolation

Christmas: the season to be jolly. Though for young people and children in care it’s not really a season to be jolly at all. With Christmas comes the change of routine, the long periods of staff and workers being on holidays, and the expected happiness we’re all meant to feel. For young people we work… Read more »

Inclusion not Isolation: Why MOMO is a Digital Lifeline

Imagine if the freedom to use digital technology didn’t get placed under the umbrella of dangerous: if it wasn’t perceived as anti-social, or risky: if it wasn’t cited as a negative influence on young people’s lives. Imagine if in the 60 million apps that get downloaded this year, some of them helped vulnerable people to get… Read more »

Say Hello To Service MOMO

It’s for Everyone Today MOMO is just a self-advocacy app for young people. However, in three weeks time it will also include Service MOMO, a package of outcome-enhancing features for services working with children and young people. Because services need help to reach, enable and listen to young people too.

The Care Leavers Charter Film

The Care Leavers Charter was launched on Oct 31st 2012. For over a year Scott King’s beautiful film, Conscience has accompanied the Charter on its journey to improving the lives of care leavers. Now Conscience has a campaign companion in the form of this powerful film about the life of being a care leaver made by… Read more »