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Co-production workshops with children & young people

This month at team MOMO we have been running co-production workshops with young people from around the UK reviewing and co-designing one of our apps.   Mind Of My Own is all about young people participating and we are committed to their participation in building, reviewing and testing our apps, which is why we use co-production…. Read more »

Mac & Cheese

Team MOMO headed north last week for our first tour of Scotland. Transport delays meant we rushed across Glasgow just in time to visit Celcis. We were excited to tell them about MOMO apps and that we have our first local authority, Perth and Kinross going live in Scotland next month. Having worked in Scotland… Read more »

New year, new accessible app

You got that right – after months of research, prototyping and testing we are all set to launch MOMO Express. MOMO Express is a delightful, accessible and co-designed app for children and young people with learning disabilities or younger children to co-use with a trusted worker. It’s a simple to use app, which asks the… Read more »

Real users, real testing – introducing MOMO Express

  Children and young people in Havering have been testing the first MOMO Express prototype. MOMO Express? MOMO Express is the new name for the (in-development) version of MOMO for children and young people with learning disabilities and replaces the working title of ‘MOTO’. This article is a glimpse into what the MOMO Express prototype is trying… Read more »

Co-creating with children with learning disabilities

The MOTO creation process is gathering pace. Last week we partnered with Foxden Quarriers in South Shields to run a fun and interactive co-creation session with young people, their parents and professionals. The day was a huge success with everyone participating in activities such as storytelling, before using tools to bring the stories to life and… Read more »

We’re Hiring! A Service Designer for MOMO – is this you?

Tech For Good Service Designer London, UK Come and join one of the UK’s most exciting and fastest growing Tech For Good companies. Benefits Shiny laptop to work on Set your own working hours Work from home and office Professional development coaching, one hour a month Warm fuzzy feelings from working for the good of children in care… Read more »

MOMO For Child Protection Conferences

MOMO’s had a tweakover. Cool beans. details of some changes we’ve made to the app and Service MOMO that you need to know about. We’ve made these changes based on feedback from yourselves and young people, and from our observations on how you are using MOMO. These changes are all now live, apart from iOS… Read more »

Gossip, Feedback & Factual Truths on New MOMO Features

Hi. Its Joe, MOMO’s co-founder here. I’m writing this on a train to London after meeting with a small local authority in the southwest. Next stop is a social tech Christmas celebration event run by our funders, the Nominet Trust. Travelling around the country to gather new subscribers has now become a normal part of… Read more »

An Even More Secure MOMO: Information Security News

Updated 11/09/14 Storing children and young people’s data securely requires high levels of care. MOMO has been designed in accordance with: Data Protection legislation the Information Commissioner Office’s ‘privacy by design’ principles the Information Commissioner Office’s 8 data protection principles Encrypting young people’s data on a secure server is only the start of this level of care.

MOMO’s Next 12 Months – What It Means For You

MOMO has begun the next phase of its journey. Thanks to the Nominet Trust’s funding we’re all set to accelerate its development and deepen its impact. We think this is important for you as MOMO’s users and champions because: It means an even better product You’ll have even clearer evidence of MOMO’s usefulness and impact on children and… Read more »