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MOMO is a Gift

This article is brought to you by the MOMO community via MOMOCon 2016. …You’re about to give your social workers a gift. It’s called MOMO. It’s a gift to your young people too. But this blog isn’t about that. It’s about how you can help your social workers make the most of their gift. Why is… Read more »

26 Local Authorities Have Joined MOMO

And one independent advocacy service. That means Service MOMO’s functionality is live or on its way in 27 local authorities…. Hello. Its been a while since we last blogged about MOMO’s data. To date MOMO’s had over 8000 uses or downloads, with over 1100 statements created and sent by young people to their worker. The rate of usage is increasing rapidly… Read more »

Service MOMO Price Changes

This time last year Service MOMO moved from being an early stage product to one gaining widespread recognition and demonstrating quality results. With that its price increased. Then in January we restructured pricing so that small local authorities paid a bit less and large ones a bit more. Most LAs still fitted into the middle pricing… Read more »

Welcome Greenwich, Birmingham & Gloucestershire

Three new local authorities have just gone live on MOMO. Each one has their own listing so that its easy for young people to send their views and wishes to their social worker. And each one has had our support to implement the app locally and give their social workers access to their own Staff MOMO email induction… Read more »

New Listings Features for Local Authorities and a Special Offer

The MOMO app will always be free. This is fundamental to how MOMO helps vulnerable young people to speak up and have a voice in their lives. As we explained at the end of last year, the app can now be used with more cohorts of vulnerable young people. The bad news is that the grant that sustains the… Read more »

Improvements During November – January: via the MOMO Roadmap  

We’d like to let you know what you can expect from MOMO over the next 3 months. If you’re an existing Service MOMO subscribers some of this will be relevant to you. If you’re likely to become a subscriber soon then all of it applies. If neither of the above apply to you then hopefully… Read more »