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“You Failed”

They’re disengaged. Hard to reach. Difficult to manage.  How many times on case notes does the term ‘disengaged from the service’ crop up? How many times will services aim to ‘prevent disengagement’? The answer is very often. However, how many times will disengaging be seen as a natural consequence of trying to use a service… Read more »

Joy, Happiness and… Isolation

Christmas: the season to be jolly. Though for young people and children in care it’s not really a season to be jolly at all. With Christmas comes the change of routine, the long periods of staff and workers being on holidays, and the expected happiness we’re all meant to feel. For young people we work… Read more »

Say Hello To Service MOMO

It’s for Everyone Today MOMO is just a self-advocacy app for young people. However, in three weeks time it will also include Service MOMO, a package of outcome-enhancing features for services working with children and young people. Because services need help to reach, enable and listen to young people too.

Caitlin’s Mirror: A Young Person’s Transitions Complaint (Video)

Caitlin, who is a young person in care in Ireland, tells the story of how she came to Ireland’s Ombudsman for Children for help after being told she would have to leave residential care on her 18th birthday. MOMO will help young people to make similar transitions complaints in the UK.

Care Leaver Interviews

One of the aims of the Big Lottery’s Youth in Focus programme is to help young people leaving care. In 2010 they awarded £30 million of funding to organisations supporting young people between the ages of 15 and 25, so they get better access to education, housing, healthcare and employment advice and services. They asked some young… Read more »

Care Leavers: Our Conscience is Built From What We Have Learnt

Text by Scott King – @ScottKing_ Children and young people in care, a misunderstood , invisible minority. Society judges them for their actions and what they see on the outside but people forget what these individuals have been through, what they have had to endure, what they have seen and what they feel. Each has… Read more »

Photo Story: Being Heard at My CAMHS Review Meeting

This is the story of Jesse’s review meetings with her Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS). See how she changes her expectations and the way she takes part in meetings. We want MOMO to help young people change their service experience in similar ways. My CAMHS Review Courtesy of YoungMinds

How I Got My Voice Heard

I was 18. I was young, scared and hurting. I was suicidal. I was admitted to an adult psychiatric intensive care unit. My world collapsed.

Video: Mental Health Transitions

Four young people describe, in an intensely personal way, how transition from Children’s Mental Health services felt. The interviews with young people show that: