Co-creating with children with learning disabilities

The MOTO creation process is gathering pace.

Last week we partnered with Foxden Quarriers in South Shields to run a fun and interactive co-creation session with young people, their parents and professionals. The day was a huge success with everyone participating in activities such as storytelling, before using tools to bring the stories to life and then competing to win challenges. 

The top 3 things we wanted to find out more about were:

  • the types of content that young people with learning disabilities find most engaging
  • how and when to ask both open and close ended questions
  • what kinds of mechanics they find intuitive and easiest to respond to

Quarriers and MOMO folk

The day was incredibly fun!

Here are our 6 top learnings:

  1. Most young people at the session didn’t engage with children’s magazines such as The week junior, First news, or The Simpsons – but they did engage with emoji stickers
  2. However, not all emoji stickers are clearly understood. For example, happy and sad faces were better understood than others like smiley face on poo pile, hi fives etc. This could be because some emojis are more abstract than others and some visual design is inaccessible.
  3. The young people attending demonstrated attention spans of 10 – 15 minutes
  4. Young people were heavily reliant on adult support to pursue activites
  5. The challenge – rewards aspects of the day were received very well
  6. A sense of pride prevailed over what the young people had created

Afterwards we took our learnings from the day into an internal ideation session and got busy creating the first MOTO prototype. We’re now off to test it with young people and staff in Havering.

Stay tuned to know more about our activities in the run up to launch at the end of the year. Request a MOTO info pack here.

by Manjul Rathee, Service Designer at MOMO