Express is accessible via your worker account, if your organisation has subscribed to the app. Sign up for a worker account here.

If you organisation hasn’t subscribed to MOMO Express then try the demo here. When you sign up select ‘Demoshire’ as your area.

Log in to your worker account through the worker gateway at

You can log in on any device, including your work computer. Express is best used with children on a tablet or laptop.

Login to your account at and create a profile for the child. You can use the profile now or come back later.

When you’re with a child you want to use Express with select their profile. You’ll see some options. Choose either MOMO One or MOMO Express (if your organisation has signed up for it).

Click the Express icon and start using it with your child. Use it together to guide your conversation, creating a record of their views.

Talk with the child about what you are seeing. Express works alongside other communication tools too.

You have 2 options:

  1. Come back and complete it later. As long as you have an internet connection Express saves what they have entered so its ready for when you return.
  2. Send the child’s MOMOdoc to yourself. This saves their answers onto a pdf and sends it to your email.

Not yet, but the web app is designed for use in a web browser on any tablet. It can also be used on a laptop but phone screens are a little bit small.

No. You’ll always need an internet connection. This helps keep the data your children enter into Express secure by avoiding storing it on your laptop or tablet.

When testing Express we found that phone screens were rather small for children with learning disabilities. That’s why Express is designed for tablets first. It also works well on laptops.

No problem. Send it to yourself then use your email programme to send it to anyone else you need to, or share it using other tools recommended by your organisation.

No problem. Log in to your account and navigate to the child’s profile. You’ll see past MOMOdocs listed there.

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