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Your young people can have their own MOMO One account. Download the app or go to it online. Hit ‘Sign up to MOMO for young people’ to sign them up.

Or use the online web app


If your organisation has joined MOMO then you can also have a Workers account that gives access to MOMO One. You don’t have to have one but it can be very useful to use with any of your children who don’t have their own MOMO account. Find out how to get one here.

If your organisation hasn’t joined MOMO then you can still try the demo.

If your organisation hasn’t yet joined MOMO then you can have a go on Demo MOMO. Sign up for a demo worker or demo young person’s account here.

It’s great if you can sign a young person up to MOMO and co-use it with them straight away. Our research shows that when young people use MOMO with a worker, they find it easier to talk about difficult things and are more likely to use it on their own later.

They’ll need an email address to sign up so and have their own MOMO account available 24/7. Do check if they have a personal or school one already.
If they don’t, it may be appropriate to use a foster carer’s email or they could get an email address that their parent or carer oversees.

We recommend Outlook (for anyone) or Gmail (if you’re 13+) if you set them up with their own address (and if they’re not in foster care get parental consent).

If you’re having trouble signing them up then try using the web version instead at

That’s OK. Use your worker account with them.

If you organisation hasn’t joined MOMO then you won’t have a worker account.

Use the built in demo on your worker account.

If your organisation hasn’t signed up to MOMO then you won’t have a worker account. Use Demo MOMO instead.

Get a free copy of the MOMO worker toolkit here.

  1. Understand it first by having a practice.
  2. Introduce it to your young people when you meet or visit
  3. Help them through the signup process, letting them be in control
  4. Use it together to guide your conversation, creating a record of their views
  5. Ask them to send their views to you or any other workers they choose
  6. Encourage them to use it solo when you’re not there

If you’re having trouble it could be because they’ve entered an email address or password that MOMO doesn’t recognise.

Click here to reset their password by entering their email address. If that email address is attached to a MOMO account then MOMO will send it a password reset email. If they don’t receive the email they should check their spam folder. Follow the email’s instructions.

If they don’t receive an email in their inbox or spam folder then it means that email address is not in use on a MOMO account. They can use it to sign up for an account here.

Try using the web version instead at if you’re having trouble using the android or iOS app.

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