Worker accounts are a new kind of account available to workers in services that have subscribed to MOMO.

We’ve listened and observed. Sometimes you have trouble using MOMO with younger children who don’t have an email address, or when their parents object to them having a MOMO account or using the internet. This tends to happen most in child protection and assessment work. So we made worker accounts to make it easier for you to use MOMO with these children.

Each worker account gives you access to:

  • a built in demo, so you can explore how MOMO works, ready for when you use it with your children
  • profiles for the children you work with
  • the same scenarios that young people see on their accounts
  • additional scenarios for use with other groups of children and young people, if your service has subscribed to them

You need to be working for an organisation that is using worker accounts. You can check if your organisation is here (click the ‘Organisation’ drop down menu).

  1. Sign up for an account here, selecting your organisation
  2. Your MOMO Team will get notified by email that you’ve requested an account.
  3. They will check and approve your account.
  4. You’ll receive an automated email asking you to set up a password so you can begin using your account.
  1. Log in to your account here, or on your iOS or android app.
  2. Have a go on the built-in demo.
  3. Create a profile for a child you want to co-use MOMO with, if you think they may not be able to have their own account.
  4. When you meet the child, see if you can sign them up to their own account, just like you usually would.
  5. If they sign up to their own account then you can co-use MOMO together on it then go to step 7. If they don’t then go to step 6.
  6. Access the child’s profile on your account. With the child, choose one of the scenarios.
  7. Co-use MOMO with the child. Let them be in control, choosing a scenario and creating their MOMOdoc.
  8. When you’re done MOMO will send the created MOMOdoc direct to you as a link in an email. Once its been sent you can download the MOMOdoc from the link in the email or directly from the child’s profile on your account.

Remember: it’s always better to sign a child up to their own account, if you can. That way they can use it any time, even when you’re not there.

Click here to reset it. If you have an account MOMO will send you a password reset email. Use that to solve the problem.

If you’re using an old version of Internet Explorer try copying and pasting the password reset link into a different browser like Chrome of Firefox.

If you still need help contact us.

Your service hasn’t joined MOMO yet. Use this form to find out more about Service MOMO.

This could be because:

  • you already have a worker account – so your email address is already in use on it. Try logging in. Reset your password if you need to.
  • you’ve already used your email address somewhere else on MOMO (e.g. on Service MOMO or maybe you signed up for young person’s account by mistake). If you think this is the case then you will need to delete the account that is somewhere else (read on for how to do this). This will make your email address available for use on a worker account. (Note – it won’t matter if your email address is in use on the demo).

How to delete your young person’s account. Log in here. Navigate to ‘My MOMO’ and select ‘ Edit your profile’. When the profile page loads scroll down and select ‘Delete your account’. Follow the instructions. Your email address will then be ready to use on a worker account here.

Your account may have not yet been approved by your organisation’s MOMO team. If it’s been approved you will have received an email. If you think it has been approved then hit this link to set a new password.

When you’ve set your new password, if you’re able to log in with it then you’re good to go. If you can’t log in then your account still needs approval. Contact us or your local MOMO lead.

Click here to reset your password. If you have an account MOMO will send you a password reset email. Follow the email’s instructions.

If you don’t receive an email then you won’t have an account. Try signing up for one instead.
Try using the web version instead at if you’re having trouble using the android or iOS app.

Log back into your worker account and navigate to the child’s profile. Click ‘My MOMO’ and navigate to the MOMOdoc you want, then click ‘View’. On the next screen click the download button.

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