Don’t just ask people what they think… the pitfalls of user consultation

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pitfallWhen starting a new project or product build it can be tempting to run consultations on what your users think of your product idea. If you ask them “is this a good idea?” or “what sort of features should this have?” you’re likely to get responses that are overly hypothetical and don’t actually tell you much.  Dave Feldman has written an excellent post on the difficulties of doing user research and testing. Here’s an extract from his article: (more…)

Making Data-driven Decisions About MOMO


Tattoo StoreAt this early stage we’re trying to understand the value of a self-advocacy app to advocacy services and statutory services for children in care and those with mental health issues. To do this we’re just talking to them and trying to get the data we need to make some decisions.

Here’s an example of what we are trying to do (more…)

Getting started with MOMO

It’s early days at MOMO HQ. After weeks of reading The Lean Startup we’re set to get cracking.

Stage 1: User Development

Before we start creating anything we’re going to be talking to people, testing out our assumptions and finding out whether they would want to use or buy MOMO. We’ll be doing some of the things that Steve Blank recommends…