We’re Hiring! A Service Designer for MOMO – is this you?

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Tech For Good Service Designer
London, UK

Come and join one of the UK’s most exciting and fastest growing Tech For Good companies.


  1. Shiny laptop to work on
  2. Set your own working hours
  3. Work from home and office
  4. Professional development coaching, one hour a month
  5. Warm fuzzy feelings from working for the good of children in care
  6. Be part of the fun and caring tech for good community
  7. No dress code
  8. Go to one conference of your choice per year, in reach of a budget flight
  9. Work with one of the coolest dev teams around at Neontribe

Salary: £40-50k, depending on experience

The job

Every year 170,000 children pass through the social care system. Many of them will experience a life of chaos, be placed a long way from home and struggle to understand what is happening. For some their experiences of the system will simply compound their trauma.

MOMO is on a mission to solve these problems.

Its two things:

  1. A free, award winning app that helps them speak up, access their right to be heard and take control of their care.
  2. Service MOMO: a package of extra features and support that children’s services can unlock for themselves and their young people.

With 27 local authorities signed up since launch in 2013 and a strong track record of support and investment MOMO is on course to transform the care system by 2020. To help it get there it needs a confident and experienced Service Designer with product understanding and an interest in changing the world through digital powered services.

Working with the Product Manager and Business Director you will take ownership of the continuous improvement of MOMO’s product suite including app, Service MOMO and support packages.

Within this role you’ll be required to bring your design and research skills to the fore, increasing the quality and volume of incoming insights and data, producing new solutions to the challenges faced by product and service, and helping the business make more data-driven decisions.

This will include:

  • user research
  • leading MOMO’s approach to usability testing
  • designing better Service MOMO support for children’s services
  • supporting product design and business decision making

As you might expect, the role will require the ability to work at both micro-content and macro, strategic levels.

Your experience

  • At least four years’ experience in delivering design-led solutions in the form of services, and ideally products too
  • Educated in design to at least degree level (or able to demonstrate a similar level of insight and experience in a related field, from User Experience to Service Design)
  • Experience in planning and leading design projects: managing stakeholders, clients and team members as well as keeping projects on time and budget

You are

  • An innovative and inspirational thinker
  • Visionary – wanting to continually progress what you can do and what we can deliver
  • Deeply focused on user-centred design
  • Able to question and challenge well
  • Able to support and inspire others
  • A strategic thinker
  • Able to manage a fast paced workload
  • Passionate about making a social difference
  • Curious about the application of technology
  • Emotionally intelligent, self-aware, and keen for feedback
  • Enthusiastic about the digital design industry & technology at large
  • An enthusiastic and hands on team player that builds and maintain strong working relationships with colleagues, partners and clients
  • Motivated by a passion for drawing out and driving creativity and innovation
  • Proficient in influencing, negotiating and communicating, in both written and verbal mediums

Role requirements

  • Work solo and in a small, diverse team, while managing relationships with stakeholders, clients and users
  • Plan, coordinate and conduct user research; compiling the results into a series of insights, service opportunities and design principles
  • Plan, organise and facilitate workshops and usability testing sessions: bringing together users and stakeholder to unpick the challenges faced by the service and propose new solutions
  • Create elegant and functional service touchpoints for use in prototyping new solutions
  • Plan and conduct live prototyping of ideas and solutions with workers and end users, refining MOMO’s products and services based on their feedback
  • Communicate and envision service experience concepts and ideas using methods & tools that illustrate all the components and touchpoints of the digital service
  • Gain a deep understanding of people desires, business goals and service performance to unearth unmet needs and innovation opportunities
  • Brief the product manager and developers on your research and collaborate with the development team to create user stories and wireframes
  • Focus on impact and measurable results – nothing gets designed for the sake of it
  • Have a structured and organised approach to work but with the ability to be flexible with shifting priorities and timelines when necessary, performing other role related duties when required
  • Work in partnership with MOMO’s Business Director to support planning, costing to ensure delivery is on time / on budget and mitigates potential risks
  • Champion, explain and demonstrate the design process to key stakeholders, staff, frontline workers and the wider public
  • Work flexibly, sometimes from home, sometimes from our office in Tottenham Court Road and sometimes from customer sites.


If you think you’ve got what we need and you like what you’ve heard, then get in touch. Call us on 07834 364 205 or send a CV and portfolio to hello [at] mindofmyown.org.uk.

Closing date: Noon, Monday 19th October

Interviews: Tuesday 27th October

MOMO Shortlisted for Double Award by Young People & Professionals

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CYP Now 2015 Finalist LogoThere was rather a nice surprise waiting when we checked out the CYP Now Awards shortlist on Friday.

MOMO’s been selected as a finalist by the magazine’s panel of professionals and young people in two award categories. The Children in Care Award and the Advice & Guidance Award.

This is both exciting and unexpected as we thought we’d had our go on the awards trail last year when we won the Advice & Guidance Award. The possibility of winning again is something we hadn’t even contemplated.

Here’s what we said back in June:

“The task and challenge

Since we entered last year’s awards the challenge has been to further develop the app’s functionality and increase MOMO’s adoption by young people, sharing stories of its positive impact so that more workers and young people become part of the MOMO community of users, champions and subscribing local authorities.

What was done

  • New functionality to help children on the safeguarding register contribute their views and feelings, hopes and fears to child protection conferences.
  • More options for young people to send their statement to a wider range of professionals.
  • App security: 6 months of behind the scenes security work to make MOMO’s security system world class and compliant with ISO27001 international standard for data security.
  • 213 hours of face to face time with local authorities, staff teams and children in care councils

How it was done

  • An unprecedented second grant from the Nominet Trust to help the app grow and reach financial self-sufficiency (we are on target!) enabling more investment in app development and backend security.
  • Growing Team MOMO with a product manager, service designer and more testing with Surrey users.
  • 27 visits to local authorities in England, Scotland and Wales, inspiring them to join Service MOMO.
  • Further user research with children and young people in Devon and foster carers across the country.
  • Regular consultation with user groups in Surrey, Gloucestershire and Northumberland and consultation with child protection advocates in Brighton and Cambridgeshire

The contributions of partners

Surrey young people continue to test the app and have helped develop a pathway planning scenario. All our 22 Service MOMO subscribers are considered partners and regularly suggest app and service improvements.

Results and outcomes

  • 574 uses to prepare for a meeting (71% LAC reviews), 151 uses to get a problem sorted (formal and informal complaints) and 149 uses to request a change to care plans. The app has now had 5112 downloads and web app uses and 13 more local authorities have signed up to Service MOMO (note, this data has since changed. See update here.)

  • In one local authority engagement in LAC reviews increased from 54% to 100% (n=76) when offered use of MOMO. Ed Timpson has cited MOMO at the APPG as an example of innovative practice, it was selected for 2015’s International Forum for Quality and Safety in Healthcare and has had 2 films made about it.

  • It’s too early to be able to measure the long term impact of MOMO but anecdotal evidence from a range of local authority children’s services shows that use of MOMO saves workers time, increases young people’s engagement and improves relationships between them.”

The awards will be given out in London on November 26th. We’ll be there and who knows, we might even win another one…

26 Local Authorities Have Joined MOMO

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27 MOMOsAnd one independent advocacy service. That means Service MOMO’s functionality is live or on its way in 27 local authorities….

Hello. Its been a while since we last blogged about MOMO’s data.

To date MOMO’s had over 8000 uses or downloads, with over 1100 statements created and sent by young people to their worker. The rate of usage is increasing rapidly – half of these uses have been in the last six months!

Some local authorities are achieving brilliant results, like the South Eastern Trust where 99% of 102 young people offered MOMO have used it to prepare for their review. Or some of our newest local authorities who are seeing an increase in the number of formal and informal complaints from their young people. Or one of our newest to go live who has already received 5 statements in their first week (we can’t reveal their identities publically but if you’d like to talk to them about how they are implementing MOMO then we can connect you. Just get in touch).

But there’s also some councils where uptake is lower than we’d expect. Its normal in any new innovation that there will be instances of poorer performance but every such instance is also an opportunity. So we’re working with these areas to analyse how they’ve approached implementation, extract the learning and then help them get back on track by using learning from other areas to smarten their approach.

Newest Community Members

Welcome to East Sussex, Cornwall, Sunderland, Dorset, Wiltshire, Bromley, Peterborough, Westminster, Hammersmith & Fulham, Kensington and Chelsea.

And these have gone live in the last six weeks…

North Tyneside, Gateshead, Southern Trust (NI), and Jigsaw4U (Merton).

If you’d like to stay up to date with MOMO’s progress just sign up below or contact us.

Service MOMO Price Changes

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Service MOMO Price Change 2015This time last year Service MOMO moved from being an early stage product to one gaining widespread recognition and demonstrating quality results. With that its price increased.

Then in January we restructured pricing so that small local authorities paid a bit less and large ones a bit more. Most LAs still fitted into the middle pricing tier.

Now, one year on, we’ve carried out a pricing review and made some changes that reflect its increasing value and the new features we’ll be launching in October. We’d like to be as open as we can with you about the changes and why we’re making them.

Here’s the new rate card. It will come into effect from October 1st. Core packages for two and three years have increased by 10% and one year packages by 20-30%. Training packs stay the same.

Rate card

Why increase the price?

Its fairly straightforward:

  • MOMO’s grant has expired so its income is now solely dependent on Service MOMO sales
  • We need to take on more staff to support the 25 local authorities who’ve joined Service MOMO and their implementation programmes
  • We’re increasing investment in the MOMO app, introducing new features and improved functionality for the young people that its for

Why are two and three year packages such good value?

Just like any other social work innovation, MOMO takes time to implement into the way that workers practice.

Whether its IROs getting used to introducing the app to young people on visits, or social workers learning what kind of situations should trigger a request to their young people to make a MOMO statement, it takes time to transform working culture, especially where use of new technology is involved (no matter how big the benefit). We, and most of our new Service MOMO subscribers believe that one year is not enough time to properly implement MOMO.

To reflect this and to encourage multi-year sign-ups we’ve limited the price increase on two and three year packages.

What about the training packages?

We recommend investing in at least one champions package. By getting us to come and deliver to your IROs and/or tech-savvy workers you can give your implementation a kick-start, build a cluster of good practice and learn the best way to build the app’s usage among your young people.

Get a formal quote

Price changes kick in on October 1st. If you have a quote that expired on August 31st it will remain valid until the end of September. To see what’s included in Service MOMO and request a formal quote click here.

Get Paper MOMO!

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Paper MOMO jpegYou can now offer or ask your young people to complete a paper version of MOMO’s ‘Prepare for a Meeting’ scenario anytime they have a review or other meeting.

When sent, by post, to young people before their meeting Paper MOMO is good because:

  1. it gives young people who have limited access to a device or computer a friendly option for expressing their views
  2. it introduces the app to them at a crucial moment in their care cycle, when they need most help to speak up and when expressing their views can have the biggest impact on their care.

Paper MOMO also comes with a foster carer invite letter template that you can customise and send to foster carers before their child’s meeting.

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I’m an IRO. Please help me use MOMO!

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MOMO Guy with My MeetingYou’re an IRO. You’ve heard that MOMO can help you and your young people.

You’ve heard how sitting down and going through MOMO with them can increase their engagement and contribution to the review process.

You’ve heard how MOMO saves you time, with no notes to write up, an easy to read statement of views that you can simply attach to case files.

And you’ve heard how it helps you fulfil your statutory requirement by strongly evidencing the child’s views, wishes and feelings.

But you’re not sure how to get started using it with your young people. You don’t have a mobile device to show it on and sometimes you don’t even get to see your young people until minutes before their review! (more…)

4 Ways You’ve Told Us MOMO Helps Your Social Work Practice

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If you’re a worker on the social care frontline you’re most likely interested in how MOMO can help the children and young people you work with.

That’s great. So are we. It’s MOMO’s main mission.

However, through researching your experiences we’re starting to understand the app’s social work benefits for you as social workers, IROs, PAs and other professionals working with children and young people.

Let’s look at these together.

1. MOMO saves you time

Because when a MOMO user creates a statement of their views and sends it to you, you immediately save time writing up their views and adding to their case file. This is especially relevant if it’s before an important event like a LAC Review or Child Protection Conference.

When Irene the IRO received Angel’s MOMO statement she could see her views at a glance and was easily able to attach it to her case file.

2. It fulfils a statutory requirement

Because when you receive a statement you’re immediately evidencing inclusion of the child’s views. This fulfils part of your social work duties and the requirements of the Children Act to consider their views, wishes and feelings in any decision.

When Sarah the Social Worker received Jamie’s statement it was easy to understand his views on school and to see where they could be accommodated in his revised care plan.

3. It improves engagement both ways

Because when you use MOMO during a 1-1 meeting it makes it easier for you and the child to engage with one another. Instead of you having to lead the conversation about how they are doing, MOMO guides it for you. This liberates you to get more alongside them, increasing the flow of the conversation, and avoiding stiltedness or the need to ask a series of required questions. Meetings become easier, more productive and you feel more satisfied in your role.

Mark the Social Worker arranged for Hannah’s foster carer to make a laptop available for his meeting with Hannah. Together they went through MOMO’s ‘Prepare for a Meeting’ scenario with Mark allowing MOMO to lead and prompt her. Hannah found it easier to talk about her views, wishes and feelings while interacting with the app. When they came to the section on family contact Mark was able to ask her to explain how she felt about it while Hannah talked and typed into the app.

4. It improves your relationships

Because when you use it alongside them it creates an opportunity to build trust and deepen your relationship. This could be simply because when they clearly state their views you understand them better. Or it could be because the app has provided a third point of focus in your meeting, allowing you to focus more on engaging and building rapport and empathy than leading an info gathering process.

After using MOMO with her social worker Hannah felt like he better understood how it felt for her to not be seeing her younger brother. She felt more optimistic about his ability to make the right decisions for her. She felt like she might actually be able to trust him like she wanted to.

Now its your turn…

Do you have any good stories about how MOMO has benefited you as a worker?

We’re always interested to hear about your experiences. If it’s a good story we’ll publish it on this blog. Get in touch here.