Making it easier for workers to capture and evidence children and young people’s views.

MOMO apps give young people an instant and convenient way to express their views, wishes and feelings, and social workers a smart way to record them.

Service MOMO helps your service to implement the apps into your direct work and analyse the aggregated data they generate.

Our products are safe, private, secure and ISO27001 certified.

The original MOMO app for children, young people and their workers.

If you’re a worker use MOMO with your young people. Experience how its carefully phrased prompts and questions make conversations easier. See how it captures their views in a special ‘MOMOdoc’ then sends them to you by email.

MOMO One can be:

– used solo on a young person’s account
– co-used with a worker or carer on a worker’s account or a young person’s own account
– used for meetings, reviews, to share good news and to sort out problems

Accessible MOMO app for young people with a learning disability and younger children.

All children should have their voices heard. This is especially the case for those with a learning disability. MOMO Express solves this problem. It’s a co-designed, innovative and user-friendly app that helps them express their views, wishes and feelings in a fun way that’s easy for workers to understand and evidence.

MOMO Express:

– uses expressive pictures, minimal text and affirming sounds
– has accessibility features that can be tailored to the needs of the child
– can be used for any education, health or social care planning or review process, including EHC plans
– is designed to be used with a worker

Express is only available to workers in subscribing organisations. See Service MOMO, below.

– Increase usage of MOMO apps by the children and young people you work with
– Give your young people simple, 1 click choices of who to send their views to
– Aggregate app activities and young people’s collective views into performance reports and thematic data charts
– Give you control over how your service uses MOMO via a secure service dashboard
– Provide access to training and support packages to help you embed MOMO into your workers’ practice

From our users

“When Jamie used MOMO he sat still and engaged with me for the first time. In 15 minutes he produced a brilliantly detailed MOMOdoc of his views. When it came to the meeting he stayed the whole way through because he was proud of what he had done”

Lisa Carter, Head of Children’s Rights & Participation, Birmingham

“It was the longest time they have ever spent discussing things with me. I spent approximately 45 minutes with each child. Very productive sessions.”

Bharti Dhir, Independent Reviewing Officer, Reading

“MOMO Express gave me a really tight structure to chat about things with Kyle. I found out something new about him today, so thanks!”

Jenny, SENCo teacher

“It helps engage with the child a lot more and it opens up further conversations about the topics that the child is interested in. It’s a very good way of gaining their wishes and feelings.”

Christine Wylie, Social Worker, South Eastern Trust, Northern Ireland

“One of my young people with autism and ADHD was getting so anxious about his review that he had trouble managing his behaviour in school. After doing the app with me he was a lot calmer, less anxious and remained in his review longer than he anticipated.”

Andrew Earle, Principal Officer Child Protection and Review, Cornwall Children’s Services

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