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Action for Children celebrate a year with MOMO

Do you know what is special about this week for Action for Children’s Rights and Advocacy service in Bolton?    It’s been exactly 12 months since they first received a MOMO statement from one of the young people with whom they work. Happy MOMOversary!    Action for Children Action for Children Bolton is an independent… Read more »

Pricing MOMO: What’s the Value of Service MOMO?

We need your help please. This week at MOMO we’re getting to grips with the most difficult decision we’ve had to make about the app. In March we decided to focus on making an app for looked after young people rather than those with mental health problems. In July we needed to drop one of… Read more »

Using Mind Of My Own: Handy Independent Advocacy

This is a short story about Handy, a fictitious advocacy service for looked after children and care leavers in Bury. It’s one of five personas we’ve created to help us develop Mind Of My Own and is based on interviews carried out with a mix of six in-house and independent advocacy services. It helps us explore how Mind Of My Own… Read more »