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Do you know what MOMO One and Worker Accounts can now do for you?

MOMO began as a self-advocacy app for children in care. But it’s grown and changed. Young people and workers have been using it in different ways to what we expected. This is great because it means its fitting into young people’s lives and your social work practice in ways that suit you and them best…. Read more »

New Safeguarding MOMO For Children With Child Protection Conferences

MOMO’s just undergone its biggest update since launching in 2013. New features include: two new scenarios, more choice of people and services for users to send their statement to, and even better security so local authorities can be sure that MOMO offers at least as much security as their own IT systems. Here we explain… Read more »

Hands on Wins

Over the last month we’ve done a lot of talking to local authorities about joining MOMO. We’ve also been helping several of those who have already joined the MOMO Community understand the best way to get young people using MOMO. All of this talking and helping has confirmed one big assumption. That whether they are… Read more »

What You Told Us On The MOMO Tour

For the last 10 days MOMO’s been on tour. In that time we’ve met with 7 local authorities and learnt a lot about what you think of MOMO. Thank you for spending time and being so ready to share your views with us. Firstly, we found out, you all like it. There’s no question about… Read more »

MOMO For Child Protection Conferences

MOMO’s had a tweakover. Cool beans. details of some changes we’ve made to the app and Service MOMO that you need to know about. We’ve made these changes based on feedback from yourselves and young people, and from our observations on how you are using MOMO. These changes are all now live, apart from iOS… Read more »