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Devon Children in Care Council release MOMO video

Devon Children’s Services have been leading the way nationally in use of MOMO for informal and formal complaints. Here’s a video their Children in Care Council just released explaining what they want their young people to do when they aren’t happy with their care. Voice-overs by Devon young people.   You can see the rest… Read more »

How MOMO Helped David Sort Out His Complaint

Last month CYP Now published an editorial about MOMO and the emergence of technology within children’s social care services. The editorial included interviews with two young MOMO users. We’ve reproduced them both here, with a deeper explanation of why MOMO was helpful not only to them but to their social workers too.

How Young People Are Using MOMO – Some Early Statistics

MOMO’s been available for four months now. So we think it’s about time we shared some of its statistics and had a little burrow down into what they tell us about how young people are using the app. Remembering that all data is anonymous. Here’s what we found: Number of Users MOMO’s usage rates are… Read more »

Caitlin’s Mirror: A Young Person’s Transitions Complaint (Video)

Caitlin, who is a young person in care in Ireland, tells the story of how she came to Ireland’s Ombudsman for Children for help after being told she would have to leave residential care on her 18th birthday. MOMO will help young people to make similar transitions complaints in the UK.