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Real users, real testing – introducing MOMO Express

  Children and young people in Havering have been testing the first MOMO Express prototype. MOMO Express? MOMO Express is the new name for the (in-development) version of MOMO for children and young people with learning disabilities and replaces the working title of ‘MOTO’. This article is a glimpse into what the MOMO Express prototype is trying… Read more »

Co-creating with children with learning disabilities

The MOTO creation process is gathering pace. Last week we partnered with Foxden Quarriers in South Shields to run a fun and interactive co-creation session with young people, their parents and professionals. The day was a huge success with everyone participating in activities such as storytelling, before using tools to bring the stories to life and… Read more »

Communicating without words – the start of a new MOMO

Team MOMO has been busy travelling the country to find out more about the communication challenges faced by young people with learning difficulties, and how they are being overcome. We’re doing this as part of the design process that will lead to a new version of MOMO for them (working title: MOTO!). Learning difficulties affect people differently, leading to… Read more »

Four Reasons Why MOMO Works for Children in Care Too

When we started making MOMO we thought we were just building an app for care leavers. That’s not been the case though. Early on we realised that we had to design something that also worked for 14+ year olds who were coming up to leaving care. Otherwise they wouldn’t be able to use it to… Read more »