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Real users, real testing – introducing MOMO Express

  Children and young people in Havering have been testing the first MOMO Express prototype. MOMO Express? MOMO Express is the new name for the (in-development) version of MOMO for children and young people with learning disabilities and replaces the working title of ‘MOTO’. This article is a glimpse into what the MOMO Express prototype is trying… Read more »

Building, Testing and Experiencing Paper MOMO (3 videos)

We’ve just got back from two days of testing MOMO paper prototype with young people in Bexley and Surrey. You can follow the process through these videos. For more info on paper prototyping click here and for more info on what we learnt click here Building Paper MOMO Testing Paper MOMO Experiencing Paper MOMO

What is Paper Prototyping?

In a couple of weeks time we’ll be meeting up with two groups of care leavers to do some paper prototyping of some of Mind Of My Own’s potential main features. They’ve asked us, what is paper prototyping and what happens in a prototyping session? To answer this we’ve got Harry Harrold, our chief user… Read more »