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How MOMO apps help social workers to turn back time

If you found you had an extra week and a half at work each year what would you do with it? Tidy your desk Catch up on outstanding court reports Book onto the training course you’ve been trying to fit in Chat to that colleague you’ve been meaning to catch up with Actually go home… Read more »

4 Ways You’ve Told Us MOMO Helps Your Social Work Practice

If you’re a worker on the social care frontline you’re most likely interested in how MOMO can help the children and young people you work with. That’s great. So are we. It’s MOMO’s main mission. However, through researching your experiences we’re starting to understand the app’s social work benefits for you as social workers, IROs,… Read more »

MOMO Wins Social Care Innovation Award in Northern Ireland

MOMO has just beaten 14 innovation projects to win the Safety, Quality and Experience Programme Award for best Social Care project within Northern Ireland’s South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust. Involving Looked After Children Project using the MOMO App wins the social care award @ SQE Event. Well done David pic.twitter.com/yJRcPvD5o2 — Ian Sutherland (@i_sutherland)… Read more »

“You Failed”

They’re disengaged. Hard to reach. Difficult to manage.  How many times on case notes does the term ‘disengaged from the service’ crop up? How many times will services aim to ‘prevent disengagement’? The answer is very often. However, how many times will disengaging be seen as a natural consequence of trying to use a service… Read more »