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How social workers use MOMO: A video tutorial from Havering

It’s no secret that social workers use MOMO in Havering Children’s Services. They are one of the most successful organisations using MOMO. In fact, in the last 8 months alone they have received over 290 statements from children and young people. We spoke with Aloisia Masundire, a social worker in Havering. She tells us how… Read more »

New feature: ‘My worker is visiting’ scenario

If you’re a social worker or any other worker who regularly visits young people at home, school or anywhere else, and especially if you use the Signs of Safety methodology, then MOMO just got a lot more useful for you… …and for them. Because if you’re a young person then sometimes you’re not in the mood to… Read more »

I’m a Worker. What do I do with MOMO?

We’ve been asked this question so many times and by so many keen workers that we’ve written a ‘one-sider’ on what to do. Download it to print here or read on…. Every time you make a decision about one of your young people you need to be sure you’ve considered their views. MOMO makes it… Read more »

4 Ways You’ve Told Us MOMO Helps Your Social Work Practice

If you’re a worker on the social care frontline you’re most likely interested in how MOMO can help the children and young people you work with. That’s great. So are we. It’s MOMO’s main mission. However, through researching your experiences we’re starting to understand the app’s social work benefits for you as social workers, IROs,… Read more »