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Real users, real testing – introducing MOMO Express

  Children and young people in Havering have been testing the first MOMO Express prototype. MOMO Express? MOMO Express is the new name for the (in-development) version of MOMO for children and young people with learning disabilities and replaces the working title of ‘MOTO’. This article is a glimpse into what the MOMO Express prototype is trying… Read more »

MOMO Launches in 10 Weeks

It’s been 6 months since we kick started MOMO. As the app becomes a living and breathing piece of loveable tech everyone in Team MOMO is getting excited about harvesting our final testing results and getting the app out to young people who need it. We launch in 10 weeks. So far we’ve: Researched what… Read more »

Building, Testing and Experiencing Paper MOMO (3 videos)

We’ve just got back from two days of testing MOMO paper prototype with young people in Bexley and Surrey. You can follow the process through these videos. For more info on paper prototyping click here and for more info on what we learnt click here Building Paper MOMO Testing Paper MOMO Experiencing Paper MOMO

Paper Prototypes at the Ready!

Yesterday we started paper prototyping Mind Of My Own with care leavers in Bexley and Surrey. Two days, seven sessions and much snipping, tacking and sharpie action later, we’re done. It was amazing. Watching the prototype start off in Bexley as a few pieces of paper interfaces, buttons and acetate develop through young people’s input into… Read more »

The Magic of Paper Prototyping

The concept of paper prototyping has always been slightly lost on me. Since I first heard about it the question ‘how can a sheet of paper replicate an app?’ has rattled around my head, as has ‘how do young people engage with a piece of paper in a way that gives us meaningful information?’ Well,… Read more »