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How social workers use MOMO: A video tutorial from Havering

It’s no secret that social workers use MOMO in Havering Children’s Services. They are one of the most successful organisations using MOMO. In fact, in the last 8 months alone they have received over 290 statements from children and young people. We spoke with Aloisia Masundire, a social worker in Havering. She tells us how… Read more »

Devon Children in Care Council release MOMO video

Devon Children’s Services have been leading the way nationally in use of MOMO for informal and formal complaints. Here’s a video their Children in Care Council just released explaining what they want their young people to do when they aren’t happy with their care. Voice-overs by Devon young people.   You can see the rest… Read more »

How to use MOMO: a video tutorial from Wiltshire

Whether you’re an IRO, social worker or any other adult who needs to find out and record a child’s views, here’s how to do it through a co-use MOMO session 🙂 Big hat tip to Jay and thanks to Wiltshire Children’s Services MOMO leads: Netty Lee, Safeguarding & Assessment Service Manager and Janice Lightowler, Conference and Reviewing Service Manager.

The Power of People: How a simple app transformed communication within care settings

The Health Foundation have today released a film about MOMO and its use by the South Eastern Trust for their Quality, Safety & Experience project. As David Hamilton, our Northern Ireland practice expert would say, “Happy days!” (David and MOMO appear at 1:20 – 2:05 and at 3:57. The kidney consultant and doctor are also worth watching. Check out their hilarious sign… Read more »

Gloucestershire Young People Make MOMO Video

We’re ever so lucky. We get to work with amazing local authorities like Gloucestershire who have great apprenticeship and young ambassador schemes and support them to make things like this MOMO video. We had very little involvement. Gloucestershire have made this all themselves.

What Have Hurling And MOMO Got In Common? (+Video)

What happens when MOMO wins a local award and then that local organisation gets selected for an International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare? We go visit of course! Last week I went to meet David Hamilton, MOMO’s first Irish champion, to catch up on his team’s progress with the app and learn about the… Read more »

Video: Why MOMO Has Been So Successful in Northern Ireland

After helping MOMO win its first award in Northern Ireland, David Hamilton and his team set to capturing on video some of the reasons why the app has been so successful. Here’s the video. We’re making another video on how professionals and young people are using MOMO. If you’d like to take part let us know here.

The Care Leavers Charter Film

The Care Leavers Charter was launched on Oct 31st 2012. For over a year Scott King’s beautiful film, Conscience has accompanied the Charter on its journey to improving the lives of care leavers. Now Conscience has a campaign companion in the form of this powerful film about the life of being a care leaver made by… Read more »

Building, Testing and Experiencing Paper MOMO (3 videos)

We’ve just got back from two days of testing MOMO paper prototype with young people in Bexley and Surrey. You can follow the process through these videos. For more info on paper prototyping click here and for more info on what we learnt click here Building Paper MOMO Testing Paper MOMO Experiencing Paper MOMO