Achieve potential with My Education

September 3, 2019

Good quality education planning

It’s been a busy summer for Mind Of My Own developers! The second of our new features to be launched is My Education, a development that has been requested many times over. We have now designed a section of One app that focuses exclusively upon a young person’s views about their education. My Education helps students play an active part in their education planning and reviewing.

Good quality education planning should set high expectations of rapid progress and put in place the additional support the child or young person needs in order to achieve their best and succeed academically. It should ensure that all important decisions about the education of young people are supported by all the professionals involved. With the focus on professional responsibility it sometimes happens that the young person’s views are not heard as strongly as they should be.

Using the One app to engage

By using the One app to engage the young person you will gain a much clearer understanding about the areas of education in which they feel they are doing well and those where they need your help.

We know that for education plans to be effective they should always include:

  • Strengths and achievements
  • SMART academic targets
  • Current and target attainment data
  • The student’s views threaded throughout
  • Information about educational progress and how the student learns best.

Choose My Education to help you ensure that the young people you are working with are fully engaged with the process and that you are receiving comprehensive information about their views, hopes and aspirations.

If you interested in receiving more information about My Education please contact us on or if you are a member of the Mind Of My Own community speak to your account manager, who will be very pleased to help.

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We are confident in the need for this addition to the One app, since so many of our users have requested it. It is always a pleasure to be able to respond positively to feedback.

Yvonne Anderson and Jill Thorburn