Are you the constant in a young person’s life?

July 2, 2020

Constant change

Children and young people we care about face constant change. This is not only relevant to children using care services but is something that is apparent in our lives as adults. We face changes in our jobs, our financial situations, where we live, the list is endless. The luxury of being an adult is that we have a little bit more control over the changes we face.

Things we have no control of find us at the peak of frustration, such as the weather (when it doesn’t suit us), transport delays, having too much or too little time. Why would the feeling be any different for a younger person? Many young people using care services face constant change, whether moving homes or being introduced to new workers or carers.

Manage the change

Think of the last time you were late to a meeting or an important appointment and it was out of your control. How did you feel in that moment? Now imagine how you would feel if you could do or say something which could lead you to a better outcome and help you manage the change.

At Mind Of My Own we believe we have a solution, not to say the only one but it is one that gives children and young people the opportunity to voice their feelings on their terms, building trust and stability.

If I didn’t have Mind Of My Own to help me build trust and relationships and to help me work with services not against them, I wouldn’t have the things I have now.

(Young person from Sunderland)

We may not have much control over change itself but through listening, we are able to make change a more comfortable experience.

One named person

Coram Voice found that young people stressed the importance of having one named person responsible for their wellbeing. The researchers state:

There is a danger that when many adults are involved no one takes overall responsibility. There was a consistent message from children and young people that it was important for them to have one key adult figure in their lives.

Are you the constant in a young person’s life?