Co-production workshops with children & young people

August 25, 2017

This month at team Mind Of My Own we have been running co-production workshops with young people from around the UK reviewing and co-designing one of our apps.


Mind Of My Own is all about young people participating and we are committed to their participation in building, reviewing and testing our apps, which is why we use co-production.


In co-production workshops we use established user centred design (UX) techniques to create evidence and insights that will be analysed and coded into the apps. All of this evidence is organised and mapped using specially designed software, so we can have a dialogue with the developers before they start to code.


Our sessions were focused on OneApp. We wanted to find out from young people how the app’s features and design could be changed or improved.


As always, co-production has given us some amazing results. When we compared what young people want with feedback received from workers, we found a lot of similarity and it has given us some clear pointers for improving OneApp.


In the coming weeks we’ll be organising each and every thought and comment. We will need to test some of the ideas before we finally begin the process of re-designing our app.


We’d like to say a huge thank you to Lancashire Children’s Services and Sunderland Children’s Services. Both authorities helped us host our sessions and got together a fantastic group of young people. 


Future co-design sessions will focus on Express and the Mind Of My Own admin dashboard. If you’d like to hear more about how we co-produce our apps with the end user in mind, we’d love to chat. Send us an email to