Dear diary – How the lockdown inspired a young person in foster care

April 16, 2020

By the Bridge fostering have been a customer since January this year frequently hearing the views, wishes and feelings of young people in their foster placements. This month however has been different. We all know that it’s been particularly challenging for many young people being separated from their normal routines and relationships. 

It was therefore wonderful to hear that By the Bridge have encouraged their young people to use our apps as a weekly diary during this time, helping alleviate some of their anxieties they might be facing. We’d like to share how one young person’s creativity flourished from doing so when she wrote a poem, something which will go into her memory box for her life story work.


Diary entry in the One app

“I am now on week three of being locked up away from the outside world!

I have been very busy with my school work, I have done spellings, maths, English, geography, creative writing , adverbs adjectives, nouns verbs learning planets and history.

As part of my creative writing my foster parent got me to write a poem about the coronavirus how it makes me feel she said I should share it with you,



It makes me feel very sad

It makes people feel bad

Lots of people are getting it

But don’t worry it is going away bit by bit


We can’t go out It’s making people hopping mad

We can’t see our friends at school Because of the new rule

It will get worse

But hopefully it will get better

Because 10 downing street is sending out a letter

To tell people to stay at home


Looking on the bright side

We don’t have to hide

Just stay away from large groups

If you don’t things will go round like a hoola hoop

But we are still alive

We can thank the NHS for this



What a wonderful way to channel some of the energy during this time, an inspirational young lady and thank you to By The Bridge for sharing!