Feedback and stories

March 8, 2018

We always hear feedback and stories from young people about our apps, and we love it. Our apps are made for children and young people so when we hear how much they love to use them it makes everything worth while.

Below are just some examples of feedback we’ve received from young people via email or Twitter. These are all unsolicited reviews which, for us, make them even more powerful.

I finally found a way to tell someone what was happening to me. I got help

“I love the apps they have helped me express my feelings. Thank you!”

“It got me thinking for myself. Very good app and very easy to use”

“I find speaking in this way much easier. It’s revolutionary”

We’ve also recently heard the story below describing how a social worker in Gloucestershire got on with using Mind Of My Own.

How do you introduce Mind Of My Own to young people?

I showed the app on my phone to a 12 year old in Starbucks over coffee and gave her the little wallet sized card. She didn’t use it straight away so I went through it again with her. We did a test Mind Of My Own statement so she was comfortable with it and I spoke to her about it with her pastoral care in school. I also sat with her sister (16) at home, I talked her through downloading the app did a test run and she hasn’t stopped Mind Of My Owning since! 

How is Mind Of My Own helping your practice ? 

I can know what these young people are thinking and feeling despite having a lack of time to go out and see them. I can get their views for ICPC which is really helpful. I get to hear in the moment what is going on rather than them having to wait to tell me when they aren’t upset.

What have the benefits been for the young people who regularly use Mind Of My Own?

For one she can talk to me when she is upset and angry with her family and feels she can get it off her chest. She has told me it’s good to feel she is telling someone when it feels bad for her not after the moment.

Do you have any tips for Workers ?

USE IT!!!! try it, think who will benefit from it, do a test Mind Of My Own statement then children realise it doesn’t take time to do it. encourage them to use it each time as it saves you (their worker) time travelling and chasing up children’s views.

We love hearing this kind of feedback and stories from our users. If you have any you’d like to share then please let us know at