Happy times captured

July 16, 2020

Thankfulness and positivity

A mindfulness project for young people had been on our to-do list for a while and the time seemed exactly right when the whole world began to change because of the coronavirus pandemic. Our first project in March was the Mindfulness Challenge, focusing on thankfulness and positivity as an antidote to fear and gloom. “Give us more!” was the feedback we received and our follow-up was to ask young people what made them happy during lockdown, by inviting them to take part in the photo competition, My Lockdown Lens (see the photos here).

The top three happy things

What made young people happy during lockdown? From around 100 photographic entries received, we learned that lots of children and young people are seriously good photographers!

The top three happy things they photographed were:

  1. People close to them (read more about friendships and wellbeing).
  2. Their pets (read more about pets and wellbeing).
  3. Being with nature and wildlife (read more about nature and wellbeing).

Other things that made young people happy were being home and in their personal space, eating their favourite foods, hobbies and interests.

The next wellbeing challenge

Mindfulness and wellbeing have been a major theme for Mind Of My Own in 2020. The abrupt change to our lives that started in March made us acutely aware of our own mental health as well as alerting us to risks to the wellbeing of children and young people, including those who use our apps. We published a recent post  about the importance of being aware of all our senses when we are looking after our own wellbeing and practising mindfulness. My Lockdown Lens focused on the sense of sight, our next wellbeing challenge is coming up in August and will explore the theme of touch.

Keep a lookout for the opportunity for young people you know to get involved, showcase their talents and at the same time to be more mindful and reflect on their wellbeing.