Digital Safeguarding

‘Ensuring that vulnerable children remain protected is a top priority for the government.’ (Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance on vulnerable children and young people

help children and young people express themselves and communicate

If your organisation is not already using Mind Of My Own apps, we can help 

Although we are receiving unprecedented levels of enquiries at this time we can work with you, be flexible and onboard your organisation quickly and effectively through online meetings and training. 
Our coproduction workshops are where children's voices are heard

We are experts in digital communication 

Almost overnight the world has ceased face to face contact.At Mind Of My Own we are used to working remotely as we have always done so, it is what we spend our time thinking about, designing and doing. Let us help you make digital interaction work. 
help children and young people express themselves and communicate

Immediate response, instant onboarding

We have a range of tailored resources to support your staff and young people to start using the apps straight away. Our entire end to end process has been digitised, from the product demo, through finance and contracting, to training and onboarding all your staff. 
help children and young people express themselves and communicate

We have a quest

We may be experts in digital communication now, but between them, Jill and Yvonne, the directors of Mind Of My Own, clocked a total of 60 years in the public sector before founding this venture. Our quest is for children to have their voices heard and that has never been as urgent as it is now.
help children and young people express themselves and communicate

Safeguard from a distance

Data serves little purpose unless it informs practice. Mind Of My Own data is the evidence you need to transform practice and build resilient services. This could not be any more important than right now. The service portal provides you with the Safety Link: real time data on exactly which children feel unhappy or unsafe where they live.
help children and young people express themselves and communicate

No more ‘hard to reach’

Children with additional needs, those who struggle with speech and language, or do not have English as a first language. Add into the mix recent migrant children and unaccompanied asylum seeking children. Our apps are always co-designed with children to be child-friendly, but our latest feature, accessibility plug-in Recite Me, enables the One app to be available to all children.

From the frontline

We recently recorded with the team at Gloucestershire Children’s Services, who talked about how they are adapting to the current situation and using Mind Of My Own as part of their safeguarding planning. Don’t take our word for it, listen now to hear the news straight from frontline workers and a young person who uses our apps. The recording is 24 minutes long and full of brilliant content to help other services adjust to the national crisis created by Covid-19 coronavirus.

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We are ready to tell you all about how our apps are are helping to safeguard children in these difficult times.