Covid-19 coronavirus business continuity plan

We are experts in digital communication – please don’t hesitate to contact us for support at this time. More than ever children and young people will need the lifeline that our apps provide. Contact us to talk about it:

Mind Of My Own has a generic Business Continuity Plan within the overall governance system, which is subject to regular review and annual external audit as part of our ISO27001 certification. This document is an extraordinary supplement to that plan, in response to the Covid-10 coronavirus pandemic.

1. Outline of business requirements

Mind Of My Own is a company that develops digital apps and supporting services for organisations that work with children and young people. Much of what we do requires:

  • A place to work from with internet connectivity
  • A way of communicating with each other and customers
  • Access to physical resources.

Mind Of My Own facilitates remote working using various software applications to facilitate:

  • Collaborating on documents using MS Teams/DropBox Paper
  • Collaborating on concepts/ideas using Miro and Trello
  • Storing and accessing documents on MS Teams/DropBox/Pipedrive
  • Team meetings on Skype/MS Teams.

2. Continuity plans

  • Although we have access to an office base, the norm for Mind Of My Own is remote working and to ensure that effective communication is maintained we have weekly online meetings and monthly face to face meetings. During this crisis the team is holding frequent online meetings.
  • Mind Of My Own keeps weekly off-site backups. Should Mind Of My Own’s London office be unusable for any reason, there might be a temporary break in business continuity, but there would not be a complete breakdown.
  • Our weakest area is that of the well-being of critical staff. Should the directors and lead workers be rendered unable to perform their duties, there are likely to be significant or terminal business interruptions (see 3 below).
  • A second copy of master passwords to all essential software (all owned by Director Yvonne Anderson) will be held by another member of staff. Currently that person is Amanda Mieras. In this current crisis a third member of the team, Roz Allen, has been given a copy of master passwords.

3. In the event of an unanticipated break in business

The most senior person available will ensure the following actions take place:

  • Inform the staff and available members of the board – this may be one or more non-executive directors (NEDs)
  • Inform customers
  • Inform all third-party contractors including individual freelancers (eg trainers)
  • Arrange an emergency meeting of the board.

4. Risks and mitigating actions for Covid-19

  • The directors are checking daily for national news and guidance about the pandemic.
  • The directors are reviewing the risk assessment and mitigation plan weekly and adjusting it as new information is received.
  • Clear communications are being sent weekly to the staff team. As of 16 March 2020 the team is observing social distance, with instructions to self-isolate in the event of a cold or flu-like infection.
  • The directors are keeping in touch at least weekly with third party contractors, including trainers and associates.
  • The information security lead is in close contact with the development team and holds at least a weekly online meeting with them.
  • There should be no break in service for any of our customers or for any of our users – children and young people who need to share their views, wishes and feelings