Do you know what One App and Worker Accounts can now do for you?

March 13, 2017

Mind Of My Own began as a self-advocacy app for children in care.

But it’s grown and changed.

Young people and workers have been using it in different ways to what we expected.

This is great because it means its fitting into young people’s lives and your social work practice in ways that suit you and them best.

We’ve watched you and your young people being smart and creative about how you use Mind Of My Own. We’ve watched you co-use it side by side, across the room and solo. We’ve learnt and understood how it works best for you when you’re together and when you’re not.

Your actions have guided Mind Of My Own’s development.

Social work practice tool

Mind Of My Own is now a social work practice tool, aswell as still being a self-advocacy app for young people.

It’s being used to make it easier for children to express their views in lots of different situations. Here’s how workers are using it to evidence those views.

  • Before Child Protection Conferences – to help children talk about things that are difficult and to gather the child’s views pre-conference
  • During assessments, visits and before child in need reviews – to help children manage worker visits and create a stronger record of the child’s wishes and feelings throughout their journey
  • When children want to share good news – anytime that they want to let their worker know they did well at something, or when they have found something helpful to their lives

Of course, Mind Of My Own’s still being used for looked after reviews, PEPs, and foster care reviews aswell as to ask for a change or to raise a problem. It can now do these and much more.

Worker Accounts

Workers are also using special Worker Accounts anytime a child is too young for their own account or it suits the child or situation better to not sign them up to their own account.

Worker accounts are being particularly well used with younger children, particularly those who are not looked after.

Have you got your worker account yet? (demo available if your organisation isn’t yet using Mind Of My Own)

And have you checked out all the different ways Mind Of My Own can help you and your young people? Have a look at this…