May 30, 2018

In May the MOMO team travelled to Birmingham to hold our annual MOMOCon.  For the third year this was a chance for our customers to gather, listen and steal useful tips and tricks in getting the most out of MOMO apps.  It was also a chance for the team to share news and valuable information in an exciting space for great conversation.

Starting the day off with a bang was keynote speaker Lemn Sissay. Playwright, author, poet and broadcaster, Lemn is also care experienced and continues today to support children and young people in care.

The many running themes of his keynote, relating to the reality of being a young person in care today, captivated the audience from start to finish.


Sharing, Stealing & Supporting

MOMOCon is a great opportunity for our customers to network and steal steal steal!  Sharing positive stories and information is a great way for practitioners and young people to get the most out of the day. Speakers from Oxfordshire, Herefordshire, Bedford and Somerset took to the stage to talk about all things MOMO. Sharing experiences, effective and innovative ways to implement, how they involve business support teams, and how to change practice by using our apps. Each address highlighted the hard work and dedication involved for a service to support children and young people by embedding MOMO into their organisation.

Activities throughout the day included making paper planes and playing ‘busy bee’ as well as the more usual workshop format with input from Sunderland, Gloucestershire and the MOMO team.


With the deadline for GDPR compliance imminent we heard from Yvonne how MOMO has embraced the challenge to be more transparent with our app users and why we have chosen to obtain young people’s informed consent as our legal basis for processing their data. See more

MOMO One is nearly five years old and was in need of a little TLC.  Over the last few months the MOMO team, Neontribe and Big Brand Ideas have been working together with young people from all over the country to give MOMO One a makeover.

Harry and Simon gave a punchy presentation about how we achieved this: with lots of paper prototyping, post-it notes and pizza!

The hard work, time and effort are about to pay off as we finish coding the new look MOMO One with the addition of some lovely new features!


All good things come to an end

MOMOCon always ends with awards and this year the winners were:

Peterborough for Most Improved MOMO Usage

Bedford Borough for Most Effective MOMO Comms

Lancashire for Swiftest MOMO Implementation

Havering for Greatest Overall Use of MOMO

And Ryan Leaky from Somerset was our Unsung MOMO Hero.

Two competitions ran throughout the day, Callie from Gloucestershire won for the best selfie and and the RAP Service from Birmingham won for the most tweeting. Well done to all nominees, we know everyone looks forward to the awards and it is a way for us to recognise all the hard work that goes into enabling young people’s participation through MOMO.

MOMOCon2018 was a great day, we are already planning a bumper event for next year!