New dawn for Mind Of My Own

February 27, 2019

Important changes to Mind Of My Own

Since last summer there has periodically been media coverage of the so-called ‘momo challenge’ that allegedly poses as a game in order to convince children to harm themselves. While all serious investigations – for instance by the police – have found no evidence that the game even exists, the fear and worry caused for parents and children alike has been immense and this in itself could initiate real negative events. Over the past few days the media reporting of this alleged game has reached unprecedented proportions.

Decisive action

Our Mind Of My Own apps have always been affectionately known as ‘MOMO’, but we cannot afford the risk of being confused with something so nasty that is reputed to be harmful. The Mind Of My Own Board therefore took the urgent decision yesterday to cease using the abbreviated version of Mind Of My Own.

Rapid re-branding

A full rebranding exercise is not something we had planned and in normal circumstances it would take months of organisation. This rebrand will be swift, prioritising everything that children and young people come into contact with most frequently.

We will post updates, so please revisit this site.

Mind Of My Own is a force for good

We do not intend to be diverted from our mission of providing positive support to children and young people by this nasty hoax. The team has approached this unplanned and hasty exercise with customary skill, sensitivity and tact.

Huge thanks to all our supporters inside and out of the Mind Of My Own community. We are and will always remain so grateful to you all.

Mind Of My Own is and always has been a force for good in safeguarding children.