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We’re all about helping children and young people express themselves and communicate with their workers.

Mind Of My Own helps children and young people express themselves and communicate with professionals in their lives making sure each and every one is heard. Our award-winning apps have been co-produced with children and young people to ensure they are understood by them and activate their participation.

Participation matters to us. Both One App and Express are effective direct work tools which are used by a range of professionals from social workers, teachers to support workers.

Mind Of My Own helps young people to communicate what’s important to them. Don’t take our word for it. They will tell you themselves…

“I use Mind Of My Own because I’m tired of not being listened to. It’s my way of getting my point across easily and in a safe way.”

“The benefits for workers are that they can see how their child is doing. I mean how they are really doing. You can see which child really needs you at that time. Then you can be there for them. Mind Of My Own helps workers communicate with the child. It’s fun and makes sure the child is being listened to.”

Young person aged 16

“I asked one of my 11 year old’s how life was – all I got was an okay. Then I introduced him to Mind Of My Own and  WOW! What a response! The thing is that Mind Of My Own enabled the young person to express his views and feelings, helped him to communicate more and assisted in the development of our relationship. This is the most relaxed I have seen him.“

Support worker

“Participation and protection are intertwined and mutually dependent – especially when safeguarding teenagers. Mind Of My Own is a great example of embedding participative practice into the sharp end of child protection.”

Dez Holmes, Director, Research in Practice

“It has helped me to advocate for a young person with additional needs who, without the use of the Mind Of My Own apps, would not have had their voice heard in child protection meetings”


“It is usually difficult to engage with my young person (age 12), but I found Mind Of My Own to be a very powerful tool to create a conversation and gather her views. When asked questions such as ‘what makes you angry’ and ‘what makes you sad’, she was very vocal about her thoughts and was able to get a lot off her chest.  I am now working closely with her to address these feelings and how I can support her.”

Project worker

As well as being great direct work tools assisting in ensuring the child’s voice is captured and evidenced there are benefits for workers too. Mind Of My Own apps can save workers time. Imagine a world where unnecessary admin is no longer needed. For an average social worker only using Mind Of My Own to gather children’s views for statutory functions Mind Of My Own can make a time saving of over a week’s worth of typing up case notes each year.

A young person using One App or Express can structure their thoughts and express their views while you are both having a quality conversation before picking up their statement as a PDF and attaching it to their case records. And that’s all the admin needed. It takes seconds!

Our apps are safe

It’s really important to us that children’s information is safe. We hold ISO 27001 certification, which means that all of our systems and processes are designed to safeguard information collected through our apps.

help children and young people express themselves and communicate
help children and young people express themselves and communicate
help children and young people express themselves and communicate

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