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Supporting children and young people by enhancing communication securely with staff in school.

Mind Of My Own apps cater for children as young as four years old, including young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) up to adulthood.

We co-produce our apps with children and young people, helping empower them to have their say on things that are important. Find out how our apps are enhancing communication between staff and young people in schools throughout the UK.

We were up and running with Mind Of My Own in a matter of days, no installation and very straightforward implementation for my busy staff. Already we are gaining valuable insights into children’s experience that we didn’t have before. Headteacher, St Mary’s Academy

What is included for schools

  • Unlimited accounts for young people and staff in schools
  • Immediate onboarding
  • Comprehensive online training videos for teachers
  • Telephone and email support in core business hours


The benefits for your school

  • Trusted and proven apps used across the British Isles and overseas
  • The ability to detect and intervene early in children and young people’s difficulties
  • Removing some of the barriers to young people’s readiness to learn
  • Unique insights into the lived experience of your young people, including their wellbeing
  • Improving attainment, especially among some children and young people who struggle
  • Helping you understand better and respond to young people’s behaviours
  • Aggregated data reports using appealing and easy to read charts and tables
  • Available to children and young people in over 100 languages and accessible for those with Dyslexia
  • Text-to-voice feature to support visually impaired children and young people

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About the technology

  • Cloud native
  • Load tested and scalable to 1000’s of concurrent users
  • Accessible on any device that connects to the internet
  • Young person One app account available to download on iOS, Android & Google
  • Recite Me plugin included to enhance accessibility

Case studies from schools


“I used Mind Of My Own with a young girl aged 9… Due to her medical condition, she has to visit the toilet several times a day. When asked through Mind Of My Own “what makes you angry?”, she highlighted that when she asks to use the toilet at school, her teachers make her feel rushed and this upsets her. One day she felt under pressure and ended up having an accident in class. As her support worker, I have offered to join her in a voluntary educational psychology review to discuss her learning abilities and education support going forward.”

“I used Express with a young person aged 13 who I haven’t worked with before. Through the use of the app, I gained an understanding of her frustrations regarding her health and how it’s affecting her education. Using Mind Of My Own really encouraged the her to open up about her disorder and how it affects her emotions and her resistance to go to school. This is something we may not have found out so early without the use of Mind Of My Own. As her support worker, I will be putting a plan together to support her with her anxiety and anger, as well as accepting her illness and feeling a valued member of her school despite her disability.”

A nine year old pupil with additional learning needs found it very difficult to engage and refused to see anyone without his dad present. He would hide behind his dad rather than try and engage. Using Mind Of My Own, his teacher V sat next to him and they worked through Express together, with dad sitting away to one side. Working through Express was a great icebreaker and he started to open up about what he was going through. The boy seemed to appreciate that he didn’t have to look at his teacher, but could talk through things while focusing on the screen. He loved pressing the buttons! V was able to find out what his interests are, what he likes about learning and what he doesn’t like. Following use of the app they can now start setting goals for him and look to increasing the lessons he can attend in school. 

What children and young people say

“I love Mind Of My Own. The apps have helped me express my feelings. Thank you!”

Zac, 8


“I find speaking in this way much easier It’s revolutionary”

Leanne, 15


“I finally found a way to to feel confident and tell someone what was happening to me. I got help”

Year 9 boy with Aspergers


“It got me thinking for myself. Very good app and very easy to use”

Shon, Year 7


“Mind Of My Own is a time efficient and effective way to collect and store children’s views”


The original app helps children and young people express their views, wishes, and feelings, and supports teachers to evidence them. One App contains carefully phrased prompts and questions designed to make conversations easier. It can be used alongside a young person, if you want to go through the app together, or the young person can open their own account and use it alone. One App:

  • Can be used to share good news, sort a problem, or prepare for an upcoming meeting
  • Lists previously written statements by each young person allowing them and you to monitor their progress
  • Has an accessibility feature enabling use in over 100 languages, with text-to-speech option.
The second Mind Of My Own app, for children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and younger children. All young people should have their voices heard. This is especially the case for those who are often overlooked. Express solves this problem. It is a co-designed, innovative and user-friendly app that helps children and young people express their views, wishes and feelings in a fun way that’s easy for teachers and school staff to understand and evidence. Express:

  • Uses expressive pictures, minimal text and affirming sounds
  • Has accessibility features that can be tailored to the needs of the young person.

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