What about pupils who struggle with literacy?

The One app uses simple language and appealing icons, all co-designed with young people for young people. In addition we have an accessibility plug-in called Recite Me, which enables the user to translate instantaneously into any language, use text-to-speech, alter colours and sizes, change the font. Read more about Recite me here

How soon can we be up and running?

As soon as we agree the contract and payment details your service will be switched on and you will immediately have access to our onboarding and implementation programme.

How much does it cost?

Depending on the size of your school the cost per child per year will be between

What about GDPR?

Mind Of My Own is certified with international information security standard ISO27001 and we are registered with the information commissioners office. We are fully compliant with GDPR and the UK Data Protection Act 2018. Read our apps users privacy policy here.

Can I see a demo?

Go straight here for a screen recording that shows how to use One app, or email us here to arrange for access to an upcoming webinar.

Can young children use it?

We know of children as young as 7 years able to use One app on their own. Any child who able to have their own email account can use the app.

How do we keep track of what pupils are saying on the app?

Each school that buys a licence has access to their own service portal, showing all activity on the apps by that school’s pupils. The Safety Link feature allows you to see which children in real time are saying they are unhappy or unsafe where they live, so you can take immediate action. As your usage builds you can run aggregated data reports to analyse usage and identify trends and patterns in what pupils are telling you.

What happens when a child is in crisis?

Mind Of My Own is not an emergency service and that is made clear to users of the app, with a link to Childline if they need urgent help.

Are these apps aimed at pupils with additional vulnerabilities?

All your pupils can benefit from using the apps, including those whose circumstances increases their vulnerability. Any child may want to talk about their wellbeing, share good news or sort a problem and the apps enable them to do so quickly, easily and in their own words.

I have another question – can you help me?

Of course. Please email your specific question to hello@mindofmyown.org.uk and we will get back to you very shortly.

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