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If you’re finding it hard to talk to a social worker or professional, our app makes it easy for you to say what you want, when you want

Does anyone listen- really listen- just to you?

If you’re finding it hard to talk to a social worker, health professional or teacher, MOMO One is a great way to put down your thoughts and send them to those who need to hear from you.

Thousands of young people like you are using MOMO to talk to their workers. What are you waiting for?

If you urgently need help right now contact Childline or speak to your carer.

finding it hard to talk to a social worker

Quotes from children and young people

“MOMO- IS AMAZING! I love MOMO, my social worker first introduced MOMO to me. I think it’s the easiest way for every child to get their views across.”

“I finally found a way to to feel confident and tell someone what was happening to me. I got help”

“I love MOMO. MOMO apps have helped me express my feelings. Thank you!”

“I find speaking in this way much easier. It’s revolutionary. :D”

“It got me thinking for myself. It’s a very good app and very easy to use.”

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