Primary school news

October 22, 2020

Learn how a London primary school has heard from pupils over 345 times through Mind Of My Own apps during Covid-19!

Pupil safety and wellbeing

There is always at least one pupil in each class that you worry about. You know they’re troubled and you just can’t figure out why. We have heard a growing concern from our community and beyond for pupils’ safety and wellbeing. Mind Of My Own is committed to ensuring that children and young people of all ages and abilities can be digitally safeguarded and this now includes school pupils.

When schools were only partially open for certain pupils and those with parents as key workers, a primary school in London joined our community to support their pupils both inside and outside the classroom. Within the first week of going live, they received 44 statements and one Safety Link notification, which alerts schools automatically when a child has reported that they feel unsafe, scared or unhappy where they live.

I really love the Mind Of My Own apps because they allow our students to communicate with us in a way that is comfortable for them, which they weren’t able to do so before. They share more information about their day-to-day life and how they feel, which benefits us massively because we can respond to this and shape our service provision accordingly and helps us to deliver better outcomes for our children. (Headteacher)

Schools are the front line

Schools are often the frontline of identifying any concerns in children’s lives, also helping them develop good levels of mindfulness to support their full engagement in education. One app features such as “My Wellbeing” are an effective way to allow pupils to report difficulties, including bullying and any safeguarding concerns.

The same London primary school has now, since September 2020, received 345 statements from their pupils, expressing their views about their education, their social life and their current worries.

The information communicated to me via the apps by one of my pupils allowed me to understand more about what their individual needs are and their preferred learning methods. Now that I understand how to support this pupil better, it has improved their participation in class and has helped create a better learning environment for all my pupils. (Primary teacher)

Our apps provide a safe and secure way to reinforce safeguarding procedures, promote improved mental health and wellbeing and provide a safe and easy way for pupils to express their views, wishes and feelings towards their education and life beyond the classroom.