Sorry Dolly No More 9-5!

December 10, 2021

Employee wellbeing

Life has changed a lot for us all in the last two years so at Mind Of My Own we decided this brought an opportunity to review how we work and make some changes. Like so many others we now spend a good amount of our working day on Teams or Zoom calls which means we pack in more meetings with more people. Back-to-back meetings can mean frequently skipping lunch, having no thinking time, not seeing daylight for days on end and not moving nearly enough. We already try and encourage everyone to take a proper break and step outside for a walk or a run each day but we wanted to do more.

The way we work needs to balance employee wellbeing and quality of life with continuing to provide excellent services and customer experience.

Flexible working

Research has shown that people working shortened or condensed working weeks are just as productive if not more so than those working five days. So we are very excited to announce that, starting from 4 January we will be commencing a trial of a four-day working week for employees who opt to change their work pattern. We suspect that the majority of our team would prefer to work condensed hours over four days and benefit from a day off each week. We will be evaluating these new ways of working over the next few months and we will be happy to share what we learn if you are interested in shaking things up where you work too.

Greater focus on health and wellbeing

The last two years have taught us just how important it is to spend time with people we care about and do the things we like to do. We hope that this new way of working will give our team members the time they need to care for their own physical and mental wellbeing.

The pandemic has given us the opportunity to re-evaluate and place a greater emphasis on emotional and physical wellbeing, which for us has included the relationship between our jobs and our personal lives. We want our team to be the best they can be in all ways and this is just the start for us so watch this space.

A win win

Mind Of My Own, like every organisation, is only as good as the people who make up the team and we need to look after each and every one. We believe we have found ways to invest in our team and make for a better work-life balance, making us all happier and healthier. Ultimately it all leads to even better service for those in our community.