Another successful implementation: The créme de la (Jersey) Créme

August 29, 2018

Jersey in the spotlight

It is turning out to be an action packed and exciting year for Mind Of My Own, with many more organisations joining the Mind Of My Own community. We want to shine a special spotlight on Jersey Health and Social Services who, this year, have had a very successful implementation of our apps. It’s been so good that we were pleased to present them with the Highly Commended award for ‘Swiftest Implementation’ at Mind Of My OwnCon 2018. 

Training – key to success

One of the keys to Jersey’s successful implementation has been their extensive training over four days, where they trained not only workers employed by Jersey Health and Social Services, but also agency workers in a supporting role. Though these workers cannot have their own worker accounts, they have been instrumental in Jersey’s success through their support in promoting and introducing Mind Of My Own to young people. In our experience, a commitment to the thorough training of all staff is a good indicator that an organisation will be able to get the most out of Mind Of My Own. 

The statistics tell the story

After being live for five months, Jersey’s stats look fantastic; in an Authority with 162 worker accounts, they have signed up 60 young people to their own accounts and received a total of 181 statements! This is a great achievement and we at Team Mind Of My Own would like to heartily congratulate everyone who has been involved in the Mind Of My Own launch.