It’s not ‘goodbye’. It’s ‘see you later’

October 10, 2019

September was both an exciting, busy and challenging month for the Mind Of My Own team. On the one hand we held our first ever VoxCon in Scotland which was a huge success. On the other hand we said ‘see you later’ to one of our most valued team members, Beatrice.

We were first introduce to Beatrice when she led the implementation of our apps in Havering Children’s Services. Under Beatrice’s lead, Havering quickly became one of our most successful organisations. The fact that today, nearly 3 years later, Havering are still one of our top users, having recently joined the 1,000 (statement) club is a testament to how well Beatrice embedded Mind Of My Own across their services as well as their great leadership.

When we saw the success she had implementing our apps, Beatrice became an obvious choice to be our next account manager. We wanted all organisations using Mind Of My Own to learn from the best.

A lasting legacy

Beatrice joined the team in July 2017 and has since been instrumental in improving our implementation processes by combining her expert project management skills with hands on experience using our apps. But this isn’t all she has done in last two years. Among many many other things she has …

  • improved how we work with organisations and the support we provide all customers
  • created new and now vital resources from posters to project plans
  • hosted dozens of amazing co-production workshops with young people
  • continually improved our annual conferences so each one is better than the last
  • created and led our regional customer workshops building a community of leads so organisations can network and learn from each other
  • contributed new and exciting ideas to our apps and the services we provide.

The list goes on! It’s fair to say that Beatrice has left her very impressive and lasting stamp on almost everything we do.

In a farewell message to the team, Beatrice wrote:

Everything I’ve learnt over the past two years, will/has supported my future career. I can’t thank you enough! Team Mind Of My Own is one of best teams I’ve ever been part of, and I can honestly say that I’m going to miss you all so much. I’m proud to have been part of a phenomenal team!

A massive thank you

From the whole team at Mind Of My Own we want to say a huge thank you to Beatrice for all the hard work she has done to get us to where we are now. We know our paths will cross again in the future which is why we aren’t saying ‘goodbye’, but ‘see you later’.

In the meantime she joins an exclusive list of other colleagues we’ve worked with who have had such a powerful influence on our organisation and to whom we will always be grateful.