The Importance Of Co-Design

June 21, 2022

Why do we co-design?

At Mind Of My Own, we are always listening to understand your needs. Whether you are a social care worker, a school teacher, or belong to a team working closely with children and young people – we love to hear about your experiences. We know the importance of co-design.

Over the past few months, we have been involved in extensive research to reach out to practitioners to understand what you need. In an effort to continuously improve our product, we actively involve the end-users in the design process. Through co-design and participatory methods, we are designing the Worker Account to be more usable, accessible and delightful. 

While engaging with the practitioners and our internal team, we uncovered some of their frustrations, pain points and also their wish list. This created a perfect condition for us to reimagine the Worker’s Account. We are following a typical process of co-design, the act of creating with stakeholders. 

In Mind Of My Own’s context, our stakeholders are our account managers, trainers, Service Portal Admins and our end-users who are social care workers, youth justice workers, school teachers, and practitioners working with children having additional needs. Their involvement in the design and development process ensures that the renewed space for practitioners has improved functionality, is easy and intuitive and is essentially a space that is their own.  

Do complex digital platforms or huge paperwork frustrate you, exhaust you, and act as a barrier rather than aid your work? Do you need a simple system and an easy way to connect with young people? 

We hear you.

We are aligning your needs with innovative solutions. It is a process we firmly believe in co-designing with you as the decision-maker and having an equal say in the design of Mind Of My Own products that you are using. 

For more on co-design and co-production involvement, please speak to our Product Team at