The November report: week 3

November 28, 2019

A long journey

We started with a long journey for Jill from North Wales to Brunel University, where she delivered a lecture to social work students about why she is so passionate about ensuring children’s voices are heard to avoid the pain and suffering of the ‘silent children’. Jill told students about how she has been lucky enough to work in management roles in every area of children’s social work before becoming a co-founder of Mind Of My Own. You can read all about the lecture here.

Then on to Hull

We absolutely love meeting people who are passionate about improving their services to children. Alex, our business development lead in the North East of England met with a packed room of frontline staff from Hull City’s children’s services at the Endeavour Learning and Skills Centre. With over 25 people in attendance, it was a lively session with everyone taking turns to try out our apps in live demonstrations.

Where the sun doesn’t shine!

We went over to Slush, Europe’s leading startup event in Helsinki, which we look forward to for the whole year leading up to it. It’s hard to explain what Slush is for those who haven’t been. The word conference doesn’t do it justice! It’s an opportunity to see the best tech products showcased and ….

An energising event helping you to reimagine your company’s future and drive it forward with the support and warm helpful blanket of thousands of experts.
Nowhere like it that offers the extreme openness of attendees who create an atmosphere of community and friendship with all those around you
A place to meet some of the best brains in the tech world
A brilliant event that makes thousands of people descend into Helsinki’s dark winter
An event bringing together 25,000 people plus 3,500 startups, 2,000 investors, 350 researchers from 130 different nationalities.

As well as speaking to hundreds of people who were interested in our apps we took time to join in a Voice Tech Podcast which you can listen to here. This great write up about the event here will let you see Slush in all its glory.

Finland to Scotland

This week also saw some of the Mind Of My Own team in Scotland to meet with local authorities using our apps. Hunter and Cameron met with three local authorities across two days – Midlothian, South Lanarkshire, and North Lanarkshire.

Midlothian and South Lanarkshire have been using our apps successfully for 18 months and 10 months respectively, having both won awards for great performance at our conference in September, VoxCon Scotland.

We met with North Lanarkshire, our newest organisation in Scotland, to kick off their implementation in a full room of 15 stakeholders. Their commitment and passion to hearing children’s voices was clear to see, and we’re confident we’ll be seeing them pick up a prize at VoxCon 2020!

The team covered a few hundred miles this week. Check in with us next week for our final blog post of November.