How Mind Of My Own apps help social workers to turn back time

June 8, 2018

If you found you had an extra week and a half at work each year what would you do with it?

  • Tidy your desk
  • Catch up on outstanding court reports
  • Book onto the training course you’ve been trying to fit in
  • Chat to that colleague you’ve been meaning to catch up with
  • Actually go home on time for a whole month
  • Go for that walk at lunch time that you’ve been promising yourself
  • Sleep without worrying about all the things you haven’t done
  • Slow down long enough to have unhurried supervision with your manager
  • Eat a guilt free lunch
  • Organise your calendar
  • Get your case notes up to date
  • Read that research you’ve been trying to get to for ever
  • Go and see that young girl you think is struggling a bit and could do with your time
  • Buy cakes and share them with your team mates

Why do we ask?

Well, if you work as a social worker in a Children Looked After team and you use our apps with the children and young people on your caseload Mind Of My Own can save you about eight days a year in typing up children’s views. If you are a social worker in an assessment team Mind Of My Own can give you back another day on top of this!

For the sceptics among you we will show you our working out…

+The average social worker for looked after children has 23 children’s cases (conservative estimate in many cases).

+Within that we can assume two children are babies under the age of three.

+Even if the social worker only uses Mind Of My Own for statutory functions (missing out on all the other app features), along with reviews and PEPs twice a year (at least) that makes 8.6 statutory visits a year.

+On average, writing up children’s views for statutory visits takes about ten minutes and reviews and PEPs about 20 minutes.

You can see where it all adds up …

Imagine a world where all that unnecessary admin is no longer needed. We are yet to meet a social worker who would rather be sat typing at a computer than working directly with children and young people. A young person using OneApp or Express can structure their thought and express their views. At the same time, you can use Mind Of My Own alongside having a quality conversation before picking up their statement as a PDF and attaching it to the case records. And that’s all the admin needed. It takes seconds!

In the words of Cher, you can turn back time – and spend it with your children and young people, away from the computer, when you use Mind Of My Own to take out the hard work.

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